Virgin Diaries: The Series

Hey all! Checkout our new series on IndustryBuzzZ and chime in! #TheChasteLife... Read More »

News that You can Use!

Happy Thursday, all! Okay, so I’ve got “good news” and “bad news”… Okay, so the bad news is, due to recently having to replace my shattered iPhone 6+, by default I lost a LOT of blog content that had yet to sync on my other devices, including many video blogs that were scheduled to release... Read More »

“Get to Know You Tag”

Hey family! Good news! I have two new written blogs and a video coming your way within the next week, but first I decided to have a little fun and answer a tag! So, here’s a little “Get To Know You” tag! Also, feel free to comment with something about yourself if you’d like! Let’s... Read More »

The Beginning: A Casual Conversation…

Happy Monday all! For any that may be new to the site, our mission is to shine a light on all things positive and purposeful! In oneness with TheChastityBelt.org, we are dedicated to exploring conversations about chaste life, God and walking in destiny. As always, my prayer is that something shared here might be a blessing to the lives of those who... Read More »


Crossroads. A moment when change is required. Everyone has to come to a point when we stop and assess the health of our connections, choices and paths. Today is evaluation day for many of us. Look at what is being produced in every area of you life. Is it “good fruit?” Do you like what... Read More »

The Age of Innocence

Awhile back I was at dinner with 3 of my sisters, among them 2 of them share the same testimony of virginity as I. It was interesting. For as long as we’ve all know one another, the topic of purity is not something we find ourselves talking about a lot. In fact, outside of just... Read More »

Do the “Almost” Right Thing?

Sometimes doing the right thing just sucks… And yeah, I know. Not the most eloquent sentence, but it’s honest… To know me is to know I purpose to live a life that pleases God in all that I do, in every area, at most times…most… I say most because the reality is; if we’re all... Read More »

Get Candid Radio!!!

Did you know I host a weekly radio show? Yep! Over the course of the last 5 plus years I’ve been blessed to be apart of some awesome radio show broadcast, including hosting my own. With my latest show, “Get Candid” we address everything in a real, and relatable way, all the while laying a... Read More »

We’re On Kindle!!!

    So, we published the book, “The Pleasure Principle…” on #Nov28th however, we decided to wait until today to release the #Kindle version of the book! That’s right, it’s HERE! Yay!! Thank you guys for supporting the cause. The intent behind the book is NOT that of a biography, a “self-help” book or even... Read More »

The Pleasure Principle: Book Release

So…I’ve written a book…  “The Pleasure Principle: The Naked Truth about holding Out -when you want to get It in.“ is THAT book. It’s that candid conversation you have with your best friend. It’s those heartfelt words written across your journal. That whispered prayer that ascends from your heart to God’s ear. For years, I’ve... Read More »

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