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The Chastity Belt

Chaste: Morally pure in thought & conduct.

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We’re On Kindle!!!

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So, we published the book, “The Pleasure Principle…” on #Nov28th however, we decided to wait until today to release the #Kindle version of the book! That’s right, it’s HERE! Yay!! :-)

Thank you guys for supporting the cause. The intent behind the book is NOT that of a biography, a “self-help” book or even a guide… No, this work is simply to inspire other to have the conversation and to encourage those who have chosen the path of purity. Simply put: this book gives an uncomplicated, surface look at the “taboo” subject of purity.

I’m truly grateful for what God continues to do! It’s been amazing! Lastly, for those interested in checking out an e-copy of the book, feel free to checkout the link below. And as a bonus, we’re offering it at an exceptionally reduced price.  Just our little way of saying “Thank You” for your support!








Much love!


Nikki Washington,

The Chaste Life



The Pleasure Principle: Book Release

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So…I’ve written a book…  :)

“The Pleasure Principle: The Naked Truth about holding Out -when you want to get It in. is THAT book. It’s that candid conversation you have with your best friend. It’s those heartfelt words written across your journal. That whispered prayer that ascends from your heart to God’s ear.

For years, I’ve shared my testimony of virginity, but never have I shared in this way before. This book is, hands down the most naked book I have ever penned (pun intended). :)

“The Pleasure Principle…” is more than a purity read, it’s a discussion. It’s a candid conversation for married and unmarried alike about God’s true intent for sex.  At the end of the day, my prayer is something shared blesses you, reaches you and causes you to see sex in it’s proper context, as a gift from God, rather than a forbidden desire.

It’s real. It’s raw. It’s relatable.

Are you ready?

“The Pleasure Principle…” It’s coming….11/28/14

Nikki Washington
The Chaste Life

To pre-order your copy, email us

Title: The Pleasure Principle

Release Date: November 28th

Price: $10.99




Q&A: Do You Ever Desire to have sex?

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Greetings all!


Below you will find part 2 of our Q&A we began this past Monday titled, “I Know My Worth!”  I decided to post them in the evening as oppose to morning because I figured if the Jimmy Fallon could have “late night” tv, then I could have a “late night” vlog! LOL! All joking aside, I hope you enjoy. These blogs are not meant to be an in depth conversation, but rather to simply begin the conversation, and also to encourage anyone who may need it.


As always if you have questions, please feel free to email them us. No topic is too taboo, as we’re here to sharpen one another!

P.S. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for updates! :-)


Nikki Washington, The Chaste Life


Introducing: “I Know My Worth!”

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Hey all!

Today we’re beginning a 4-part series titled, “I Know MY Worth!” The concept behind these vlogs is to inspire, encourage and uplift all of those who find themselves journeying on the path of celibacy and abstinence. Below is an INTRO vlog just to reintroduce myself to any that may be new to the site.  :)

Lastly, if you should have any questions, please feel free to submit them to! I’m looking forward to growing with each of you as we talk about worth, sex and purity.


Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for updates!!! :-)


Checkout this quick ministry clip by Judah Smith, as he shares on God’s love for us. #WereWorthIt


“Christian Tingle”

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This was HILARIOUS to me…this is an example of doing way TOOOOO much! LOL!…#Enjoy


Housekeeping (Updates! Updates! Updates!)

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Hey all!

Just a little housekeeping!

1. Thanks so much for all of you that have subscribed recently! Feel free to comment, or email us w/ any questions, prayer request or general ministry related inquires!

2. I also wanted to let my “Chastity Belt” readers know, THIS site will be incorporated into another site in the coming weeks. And NO, the chastity belt will not being changing in mission or in scope…just in website name… :-)

3.  Lastly, I wanted to let y’all know I also have a magazine I think you guys might enjoy. We’ve recently relaunched after a hiatus and needless to say, I’m pretty excited about it… :-)

Checkout the Vlog and then log on over! :)



The Best Sermon EVER!

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This is ALL…


Let’s Socialize!!! :)

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Thanks to the many who daily subscribe to this blog! Truly, you all are a blessing! Feel free to email and/or share your thought via blog comment or at Also, to connect via all of my pags, simply copy and paste the below links in your address bar;

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Hope to greet you there!!!

Thank you as always for keeping in touch!!! :)

Nikki Washington

The Chaste Life