Stand & Deliver!

Is it me or does it seems like things are so crazy right now? Make no mistake, I’m so grateful to be experiencing one of the most elevating times I’ve ever seen ministry wise. God is saving, setting free and promoting… Yet, the craziness I speak of has to do with all that has been... Read More »

Food Finds: Chinese Fried “Rice” Recipe

Welp, as promised I’m bringing you another great recipe, with a healthy spin. Now, I do have to say that I, like the originators of this recipe questioned whether this would actually taste good. But, to my surprise, it DID! Beef Fried “Rice!” Yep, that’s what I made for dinner tonight. Normally I don’t eat... Read More »

Foodie Nation

Foodie NationWelcome to the “Good Eats” Tab!!! The point of this section is NOT to  be a in depth food blog, but rather to just highlight some tasty food as well as give you some ideas of where to find good food in your city as well as how to modify recipes for your specific taste.... Read More »

Life Choices -2015 Edition

As if overnight your heart begins to shift. Your desires change and the landscape of your life begins to align with what God purposed for you all along. What am I speaking of? A purpose driven life… Purpose, in many settings seems to be the “hot button” word of the day. We use it as... Read More »

The Road Less Traveled

Because of my minister and testimony, I get a little more criticism than average. When you’re as grown as I am, being a virgin can shift real quickly from the, “That’s so awesome” pat on the back to “Why and how???” look of concern. It’s unfortunate really. We live in a climate that looks at... Read More »

Unrequited Love…

Ever experienced unrequited love? Ever met the right person at the wrong time? Ever gotten your hopes up, only to be disappointed by space, time and circumstances? I have. I have loved and won. I’ve loved and won and lost. I have loved, won, lost, longed and recovered. I think if most of us are... Read More »

Who Are You? (Worth; Vol 1: Blog 2)

Who are you? I’m mean who are you, REALLY? Who are you in front of your friends? What about your co-workers? Family? Are you consistently the same person or is there a difference? And do you allow people to impose their views of who they think you should be? Just a little food for thought…... Read More »

What’s it Worth?!? “(Vol 1: Blog 1)

Today kicks off our series on worth!!! This series was initially started as a result of seeing a need. Long story short, I saw a need for a positive and accurate approach of how WE appropriate the word, “worth” and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I wanted to share, according to scripture, what... Read More »

Spilling Tea: The Cancer of Gossip…

“LET’S SPILL THE TEA, PEOPLE!!!” Okay, so whether we call it,  “keeping it real” or “spilling the tea,” the action remains the same.  It’s all GOSSIP! Of course, most don’t begin their gossiping as curt as my opening in this blog, but I used those words to paint the point. In essence, that’s what someone... Read More »

Love Is…

  Happy “Love Week” all! Now, let me just preface this blog by saying I’m not generally a “fan” of “Hallmark Holidays.” However, I do understand and believe in the importance and necessity of celebrating love, as a whole.  It’s with that in mind, that I offer this short, sweet and to the point blog.... Read More »

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